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Pondering Political Correctness

Tue, 2016-02-02 14:08 -- tomjonez


Last week I wrote an article entitled, “Leadership and Political Correctness – 5 Questions” (Click here to read).

It was amazing for me to see the written responses - and to hear the comments from those people with whom I interact locally.  The topic of political correctness seems to have hit a discussion stream that is on the top of many people’s minds of late.

Leadership and Political Correctness – 5 Questions

Wed, 2016-01-27 10:08 -- tomjonez


Leaders today face a gauntlet of social issues – and it would be difficult (at best) to address each of them objectively.  Yet one of the issues that is affecting decision-making for those who lead is political correctness.

Rather than trying to sort it out in the context of this email blog, I will simply point out that there are (at least) five questions that surface when I consider the implications that evolve from the current climate of “political correctness:”

Leadership and Trust

Wed, 2016-01-20 10:29 -- tomjonez


People are more likely to follow and respect a leader they trust.

...and are less likely to follow - and will never respect - a leader they do not trust.

I just wish our political leaders - from all of the political parties - understood this.

And lived accordingly.

I know, this should have been a Tweet, not a blog post.

Yet sometimes less is more.

Unless it is trust; in which case "more" wins every time.



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