3 Questions to Ask Myself

Tue, 2011-08-23 18:21 -- tomjonez

From time to time it can be helpful to do a self-check... just a simple "executive physical" regarding my personal motivation and satisfaction.

These three questions are not a thorough review but can serve as a good initial "gut-check."  The questions are:

What is my sense of Urgency regarding what I am doing?

What is my level of Persistence in sticking to the pursuit of my goal(s)?

What is the level of my Passion?

Each of these questions will help ferret out my level of motivation and they can both assess and predict the rate of forward momentum in my career and/or task.

Over the next three weeks we will examine each of them in a bit more detail, one question at a time.

As always, your input is welcome:  What are your thoughts?