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Recommending an Expert Legal Team for Your Association

In our experience, it is well worth the effort to evaluate each situation in order to learn what is possible for each association.

Like medical doctors, lawyers specialize and have developed expertise in specific focused skills and topics (by analogy, when it comes to medical practice, you would not want a brain tumor treated by a foot doctor).  Similarly, in order to the have the greatest likelihood of a positive outcome, it is critical to locate the most skillful attorneys who have the proven expertise to evaluate the association’s potential for recovering insurance funds. If the wrong attorney does the analysis, an incorrect conclusion may likely be the result.  Our decades of experience working with and recoomending specific law firms provide valuable assistance to HOA Boards in this regard.

As a consultant to the Condominium Association industry, Plumbline Management has developed a keen sense of which law firms have the expertise to provide the correct assessment of association options, review warranty language, assess repair needs and histories, as well as evaluate insurance coverage availability and applicability. And it is absolutely crucial for associations to know the qualified firm for each specific situation. We can provide association boards with experienced consultancy regading suitable skill-sets of law firms serving the HOA Industry.  With older condominiums, in many cases, we can do so at no additional charge over what would be included in traditional legal matters of this type.

For newer condominiums, it is essential to have the correct legal team on board early in he life of the association.  Many warranty issues can be overlooked by inexperienced or uninformed association boards and key deadlines can be missed that vacate the warranty by unnecessary delays or sloppy legal advice.

Also, many older condominium associations are facing the reality of deferred maintenance and repair but are also struggling with limited budgets as the significant costs rise in dealing with these issues.  In addition, association board members have little interest in proposing a special assessment for their unit owners in order to raise the funds necessary to meet the costs of their growing maintenance needs. In order to address this, we have developed a strategy to review and evaluate the insurance policies that an association has had in place each year of its existence.  In many cases (but certainly not every case) there is a legitimate way to develop a valid basis for an insurance claim - and to receive some or all of the funds necessary to meet the cost of addressing deferred maintenance and repair issues.

Our CMCA certified and Washington State Licensed Real Estate Instructor certifications insure that you are dealing with qualified professionals.

If there is a legitimate strategy with newer condominiums to protect warranty rights – or, with older condominiums to gain some or all of the funding needed through their insurance coverage to cover the cost for addressing deferred maintenance and repairs - it would be unfortunate to miss out on the opportunity to do so.  In our experience, it is well worth the effort to evaluate each situation in order to learn what is possible for each association.


Industry Professionals 

The best way for homeowners to protect their investment is by hiring a qualified, board-certified CMCA.

The Certified Manager of Community Associations® (CMCA®) is the only national certification program designed exclusively for managers of homeowner and condominium associations and cooperatives. The CMCA recognizes individuals who have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge required to manage community associations.

Our leadership team has earned national certification including as a Washington State Licensed Real Estate Instructor, and as a Certified Manager of Community Associations - "CMCA."  Our Leadership team is active in the Washington State Chapter of Community Associations Institute, the State's largest Home Owner Association industry group. Serving on several committees, our direct participation in the industry ensures that your HOA will be assisted by true industry professionals.

We provide training for HOA boards and refrerral services to only the most competent HOA and legal service providers.

We do not provide direct management services. We provide assistance with your selection process and referrals to best-of-class management companies who are the right match for your community.

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   For all HOA Communities

An estimated 60 million Americans live in 300,000 community associations. These homeowners need professional guidance on issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, contracts, the law, and rules enforcement. We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to manage community associations successfully. That’s why we put our expertise, knowledge, and resources to work to assist you in effective leadership of your community.  In reality, running a community association is like running a business.

We can provide board member training, expert consulting services, and community-building strategies to assist you with your critical leadership responsibilities.  While we do not provide direct Association management services, our objective consultancy allows us to recommend only top legal professionals, as well as other trusted service providers who are available to assist in preserving, protecting and maintaining your community.


For Management Companies 

Leadership in the HOA Community is the result of recognized capability.

As a consultancy to HOA management professionals, Plumbline will assist you in developing a clear and compelling market leadership strategy that produces growth in your market presence.

Whether it is assisting with strategic planning and leadership training, or creating and implementing a compelling marketing plan using video, print media, web design and social media marketing – you will quickly discover that your enhanced image and visibility sets you apart from the crowd.

The result?  Market growth, increased market share, even "bragging rights" for how you are expanding while your competitors are struggling in a challenging economy.

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