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A "prepper?" or "being prepared?"

Fri, 2020-03-20 08:20 -- tomjonez

OK, I get it now...finally it makes sense. I now realize there is a difference between preppers and those who are prepared.

Preppers are often conspiracy theorists who stack up lots of [whatever] - and the means to defend it - in order to take care of themselves.

A prepared person, on the other hand, is one who simply heeded the often repeated advice of the governing authorities (every September is "National Preparedness Month"). In the current rapidly changing climate, a prepared person is now free to focus on how to care for others.

Stress and Resiliency – Part Two

Wed, 2018-05-09 08:30 -- tomjonez


As I stated last week (click here to read) people in leadership roles encounter a level of stress and pressure that is a substantial multiple of the challenges met by those in non-leadership roles.  Factors such as performance pressure, personnel matters, ill-treatment by one’s supervisors, errors viewed by oneself or by others as a “failure,” and other such trials, can take a toll on the leader’s internal resilience.

Stress and Resiliency - Part One

Wed, 2018-05-02 09:56 -- tomjonez


People who have been in a leadership role often encounter a level of stress and pressure that is a significant multiple of the challenges encountered by those in non-leadership roles.  Performance pressure, personnel challenges, mistreatment by one’s supervisors, mistakes viewed by oneself or by others as a “failure,” and other such events, can take a toll one the leader’s internal fortitude.

Such realities can impact the emotional and mental reserves of leaders over time – and this brings us to the topic of resiliency.

Conflict and Resolution - Introduction

Fri, 2018-03-09 10:57 -- tomjonez


Conflict between people in our cities, states, and nation seems to be escalating. Polarizing Facebook posts, aggressive exchanges on Twitter, heated exchanged on between prognosticators on cable news programs, increasing lack of regard for law and law enforcement personnel – are either on the rise or else the media has simply focused more attention on such matters.

Leading is Believing

Wed, 2018-02-14 06:51 -- tomjonez


It is my unshakable perspective that when we are called to lead a team we are primarily responsible to serve those who are participating on the team.  And although there are numerous facets implied by this perspective, one of the root elements is to maintain a constant belief in each member of the team.

One of the Hardest Things About Leadership - Summary

Sat, 2018-01-27 16:19 -- tomjonez


Over the past couple of months, I have focused on the proposition that when it comes to leading people, one of the hardest things to do is to lead people.

I have affirmed that there are no simple “quick-fix” answers, despite the many “how I did it in five easy steps” books available online and at the many flashy kiosks in every airport departure area, world-wide.


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