Strategic Market Leadership
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The Key to Market Leadership

Wed, 2016-10-19 15:03 -- tomjonez


Strong Relationships

Far too often when it comes to providing a product or service we place our primary focus on the product or service.

However, People buy products from people and receive service from people.

Even if it is a quick or simple interaction, the way that we are treated when we are a customer often makes or breaks the decision regarding whether we will ever return for more (products or services).

The same is true when we provide products or service to others.

How do we treat them?  Do they sense we care?

Crucial Questions to Ask Attorneys Before We Hire Them

Wed, 2016-10-19 15:01 -- tomjonez


Last week I discussed the value of seeking wise counsel from a qualified attorney whenever we are confronted with a legal matter. Because of inquiries I receive regularly on this topic I am providing some specific questions to ask attorneys before we hire them.

The key going into the discussion is this: be need to be prepared with specific questions to ask each attorney candidate – and ask the same questions of each attorney to gain a direct comparison between the candidates.

Procrastination and Seeking Legal Advice

Wed, 2016-10-19 14:09 -- tomjonez


OK, I was going to write this one a few weeks ago - but I kept putting it off…

And that can be a costly practice, especially if we need legal advice.  When we have a legal issue, no matter how small, it is smart for us to get a legal opinion early on.  Putting it off can result in bigger problems down the road – problems that could have been avoided if we had sought professional counsel early on.

September - National Preparedness Month - Part 1

Tue, 2016-09-20 11:51 -- tomjonez


September is “National Preparedness Month” in the United States and so each September I try to encourage readers to set aside time to plan for those emergencies that - hopefully – will never happen.  Even so, since it is a national initiative, it will bode well for each of us to at least consider this topic and to seek to become part of the solution – rather than add to the challenges – in the event that we are faced with an emergency situation.

Decisions and Consequences – Key Questions for Leaders

Mon, 2016-07-11 20:24 -- tomjonez


For the past number of weeks, I have been illustrating that Decision-making is not an easy process for anyone – especially for those in leadership. It is clear that when a leader makes a decision – for better or worse – it affects those being led as well as the leader personally.

As a result of this reality (of potential long-term consequences) I have explored the following questions as they may be useful when making decisions:

Decisions and Consequences: Is it Long-Lasting or Only Temporary?

Mon, 2016-07-11 11:04 -- tomjonez


In our ongoing discussion regarding decision-making in leadership, we have explored a number of ways to consider outcomes before we take action.

As we continue to review questions that we can ask when pondering a decision as leaders, this week we will look at the value of assessing whether a choice is long-lasting or only temporary.


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