The Courage to Lead

Wed, 2017-01-04 10:36 -- tomjonez


It seems like the current environment for those in leadership is not getting any easier.

As a result, decision-making, strategy, personnel issues, and other factors leaders face each day are stacked with increasing challenges.

The result is that it takes courage to lead.

Yes, it always has – and yet in our present climate, courage is not a preferred commodity; it is a required characteristic of those who intend to lead – and lead well.

Over the next few weeks – and maybe months – the topic I will focus on in this email blog will be centered on this singular theme: The Courage to Lead.

As we all fasten our seat belts for the year ahead, let’s take courage.  And while doing so, lead.

As I said a few weeks ago, the faint of heart need not apply.

…your thoughts?