One of the Hardest Things About Leadership - Summary

Sat, 2018-01-27 16:19 -- tomjonez


Over the past couple of months, I have focused on the proposition that when it comes to leading people, one of the hardest things to do is to lead people.

I have affirmed that there are no simple “quick-fix” answers, despite the many “how I did it in five easy steps” books available online and at the many flashy kiosks in every airport departure area, world-wide.

With that admission, I committed at the outset to outline several core leadership principles that can be utilized as a starting point in leading an individual team member – principles that can also be extended person-by-person to each member of the team.

For easy reference, in this concluding blog on this series, I provide the following summary with links to each individual point that has been addressed:

    Clarify the mission read here

    Assess and define the needed roles read here

    Create each role(s) read here

    Recruit the person(s) with the appropriate gift package(s) for each role read here

    Provide simple and clear objectives for each person/role read here

    Affirm individual and team successes – in real time read here

    Correct individual and team excesses – in real time read here

    Promote the faithful players read here

    Continuously clarify the mission read here

    Repeat the above (no blog written for this self-explanatory point)

Maybe there is a simpler approach than the outline provided above.  If so, I would love to see it fleshed-out in the real world.  Even stating that, I understand that the above approach is neither easy, nor is it exhaustive.  In practice, leadership is both a science and an art. 

If it was simple, it would not take courage to lead.

But it isn’t.

And so, it does.


Photo Credit: Isaac Benhesed