One of the Hardest Things About Leadership

Tue, 2017-10-10 19:01 -- tomjonez


When it comes to leading people, one of the hardest things to do is, well, to lead people. 

There are no simple “quick-fix” answers, despite the many “how I did it books in five easy steps” as well as my own brief weekly blogs on leadership that have accumulated over the past 5 years.

With that admission, I have been thinking about a few simple core leadership principles that can be utilized as a starting point in leading an individual team member – principles that can also be extended person-by-person to each member of the team.

Next week I will begin to outline several ideas that I believe are transferrable to any number of leadership environments:

  1. Clarify the mission
  2. Assess and define the needed roles
  3. Create each role(s)
  4. Recruit the person(s) with the appropriate gift package(s) for each role
  5. Provide simple and clear objectives for each person/role
  6. Affirm individual and team successes – in real time
  7. Correct individual and team excesses – in real time
  8. Promote the faithful players
  9. Continuously clarify the mission
  10. Repeat the above

I will take time to unpack each of these points in the weeks ahead, knowing that leading is only possible if we have the courage to lead…

Stay tuned…


Photo Credit: Mark Riechers