The Central Concern of Leadership

Wed, 2012-02-29 12:45 -- tomjonez

Teamwork - Part II
Last week we began a discussion of the powerful leadership function of teamwork.  Quoting my friend Jack as we did previously, often “...the best person for the job is a team.”  His statement articulates an important insight.
That said, I want to repeat a core truth that anyone in leadership must never forget; namely, any discussion regarding structure (in this case, teamwork) is not a discussion of the central leadership concern.  Rather,
...the first priority for leadership is to clearly and concisely clarify the central mission of the organization.
Far too often organizational leaders spend time tinkering around the edges of leadership looking for more effective techniques - and in so doing rush past the centrality of determining and clarifying the mission of the enterprise.
It doesn’t really matter what structure is employed if there is not clarity and agreement on mission.
It is most important to know “why” we are taking action and then the best structure and methodology can be devised and implemented.
So, yes.  We will look at the characteristics and power of team work.  But these factors will only serve us if we know what we are trying to accomplish – and why.
To paraphrase Stephen Covey from his famous treatise, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,”
It is a sad day to climb to the top of the ladder only to discover that the ladder was pitched against the wrong wall.
Three cheers for that reminder!
We will regularly keep the principle of clarifying and articulating the organizational mission in the forefront of our mind.  From that posture, next week we will continue our reflections on the value of teamwork in leadership.