Courage and Leadership

Wed, 2013-01-30 11:00 -- tomjonez


In a previous issue of Leadership Notes we began a discussion of courage as it relates to Leadership.  Certainly anyone who bears the responsibility of leadership is well aware of the reality of the requirement that courage must be an integral component of one’s wiring harness.

As a quick summary, there are at least three times when courage is particularly essential:

Yes:  There are distinct times in the life of a leader when a decision must be made and the courageous answer is “yes.”  The reason the decision rolls up to leadership and it requires a gutsy step forward might be its cost, its uncertainty, or any number of other factors; the greatest of which is that a decision is needed and it will take fortitude to say “yes.”  It will take courage.

No:  There are other times when it may be expedient, politically correct, and/or easier to say “yes;” but in reality the right and true answer is, “no.”  Saying “no” may be unpopular, be perceived as lacking compassion, be perceived as not understanding, or some other factor which makes it difficult to take the necessary stand.  In such instances, saying “no” can not only be best, it may well require  courage.

Wait:  While indecision is far from a quality that aligns with true leadership, the wisdom of timing is a quality central to decision-making at all levels of leadership.  In fact two primary components of decision-making are “what” and “when.”  Both are crucial.  Pressure may even exist  to “decide right now.”  Again, it will take courage to say, “e may well proceed, but now is not the time.  We must wait.”

Courage is essential for those in leadership.  And I’m quite curious to hear from you regarding this topic. At your convenience I welcome your insights.