The Courage to Lead: Leading Millennials – A Summary and Conclusion

Thu, 2017-05-18 18:45 -- tomjonez


In an ongoing series, I have been exploring some of the distinctives that may be helpful in establishing a leadership setting to which the emerging millennial generation will respond. Along the way I have looked at a number of the leadership and work-place attributes considered attractive to millennials. The following is a list of these observations with corresponding links to each topic:

As I pointed out in a previous blog, millennials are the 54 million adult Americans aged between 18 and 34 in 2015. They now make up one third of the American workforce, which is the largest generation at work.

Although the list above is incomplete, the goal in this series was to stimulate thought and discussion regarding improving our ability to lead those who join the labor force from this talented generation.

Because of their adept networking and technology skill-sets, millennials have the potential to be one of the most productive generations to ever enter the workforce.  Providing leadership is essential; doing so will require our awareness, understanding, and skill – and most of all – the Courage to Lead.