Courage in Leadership - to Feel Better...or, to Get Better?

Wed, 2017-03-01 11:47 -- tomjonez


In the ongoing discussion of decision-making in leadership, last week I discussed how we simply must make the best decision we can - based on the situation and the facts available to us - and then go forward to the next decision point we will face (click here to read). In two words, sometimes we must, “Just Decide.”

 In prior weeks I mentioned that we cannot be either “people pleasers,” (click here to read); nor can we operate on the basis of the “fear of man,” (click here to read).  In reality, with some decisions leaders make, there is simply no way to have the outcome be pleasing to everyone.

The question then becomes, “On what basis can we make decisions with a certain degree of confidence that we are pointed in a productive direction?” Obviously, the answer is both simple - and yet involves several factors.  Over the next few weeks we will explore some of these factors, including our own personal motivation as leaders.

Let me begin by focusing yet again on how the decision affects those we are leading and ask an important question: “What are we hoping to produce in our people?” Improved skill, greater capacity, increased effectiveness?  Or do we want them to simply feel good about our decisions? 

Stated simply…

Do we want those we lead to feel better?

Or get better?

More to follow, next week…