Hiring and Evaluating Team Members

Wed, 2012-07-18 08:37 -- tomjonez


Two principle responsibilities of leadership are selecting people to join our team, and routinely evaluating each team member’s performance going forward from the date of hire.  We are often asked for input regarding both aspects of this leadership responsibility. 

In response, we coach through eight key characteristics for selection and evaluation of personnel.  Our analytical assessment model was developed by our own leadership team over a twenty-year period while leading a fast-growing company that had at its peak over 400 employees.  Through many mistakes, there eventually emerged a high level of confidence in these criteria. 

The eight attributes consist of 5 character attributes, assessing the degree to which the team member is Available, Faithful, Teachable, Enjoyable, Responsible; and 3 technical capabilities including the person’s Administrative, Communication, and Technical skills.

Over the next several weeks, I will explain each of the eight characteristics in more detail.  We found that this comprehensive set of metrics constituted a very effective and yet simple methodology for assessing candidates for employment and then, for those who were hired, evaluating their on-going performance.

Stay tuned…