Interviewing Attorneys - Six Crucial Questions

Thu, 2011-06-23 10:13 -- tomjonez

These past two months we have looked at six crucial questions to ask attorneys before we hire them. The following is a summary. The first point is obvious - but bears repeating: 1. Interview Attorneys:  We would interview everyone we were hiring for important roles in our work - attorneys are no exception - interview them. 2. Timeliness: How promptly do the attorneys complete assigned tasks? 3. Track Record:  What about results?  Ask this question and ask for specific references to back it up. 4. Be Prepared: Meet with your HOA Board in advance and prepare specific questions to ask each attorney candidate. Ask the same questions of each attorney in order to gain a direct comparison between the candidates. 5. Communication: Ask about their time-frame for communicating with us – how often do they provide updates; how long to return phone calls, complete assignments, etc.? 6. Billing Practices:  For what and how do they bill their services?  By the hour (or minute)?  By the project? 7. Free Advice:  What will they do at no charge?  We receive what we ask for - so let's remember to ask about complimentary services. These key questions - asked in advance of hiring an attorney - can spare us a lot of hassle and can help to avoid misunderstandings. Let's remember, we are hiring the attorney.  Therefore, an interview is both appropriate - and it's smart!