The Key to Effective Market Leadership

Wed, 2012-11-07 07:41 -- tomjonez

I have sought to keep these emails very short because you as a leader are very busy.

Today I am making an exception.  I am sharing with you that I personally believe will be entirely worth the 17 minutes it will take you to watch this video.  It is a recording of a "TED Talk" by Simon Sinek. ("TED" - Technology Entertainment and Design - is a global set of conferences curated by the American private non-profit Sapling Foundation).

Particularly if you lead your own business, or are a division manager, or lead a work group, or are a non-profit executive or development director – this TED Talk will quickly and simply summarize what I believe - and have believed for many years - to be the key to effective market leadership.

Grab a fresh cup of coffee, push back the cares of the day for a few minutes, and ...

Click Here to Watch…

PS – Thanks to Dan Zimberoff, friend and leader, for sharing the Simon Sinek video with me.