Leadership and Political Correctness – 5 Questions

Wed, 2016-01-27 10:08 -- tomjonez


Leaders today face a gauntlet of social issues – and it would be difficult (at best) to address each of them objectively.  Yet one of the issues that is affecting decision-making for those who lead is political correctness.

Rather than trying to sort it out in the context of this email blog, I will simply point out that there are (at least) five questions that surface when I consider the implications that evolve from the current climate of “political correctness:”

  1. In an effort to be politically correct, are leaders making decisions based on compassion - or based on fear? In other words, when we are leading, do we make tough calls based on care for people or out of the fear of offending people; and in either case, which group drives the compassion or fear?
  2. Does the effort to remain "politically correct" provoke honest dialogue – or does it limit an honest exchange of perspectives –  on difficult topics and/or decisions?
  3. Who decides what is politically correct? On what basis or in what moral context?
  4. Does an effort to remain politically correct get in the way of one’s freedom to lead from the context of one's personal values or does it inhibit individual liberty of conscience in decision-making?
  5. Does the climate of political correctness compromise and/or penalize efficiency regarding decision-making when a quick and decisive action is needed?

These are some of the questions that come to mind.  And there are more questions unasked.

The core issue – in the form of a question – is this: How does the current climate of political correctness affect those who lead?

What do you observe? How would you answer the questions above?