A Leadership Exam ?

Thu, 2011-12-01 21:01 -- tomjonez

Difficult economic times provide unique opportunities.  In such times, everything we have learned and everything we value is called upon to navigate the challenges we face. Our experiences, victories, mistakes - and most of all - our values, are all called upon.  And in a sense, put to the test.
It's sort of like taking a final exam in leadership graduate school.  It is therefore a wonderful opportunity to set the course for the future of our leadership style and effectiveness.
With that in mind, there is one question we have been discussing with clients and have been pondering ourselves.  It's a multiple-choice question and all of us in leadership have the opportunity to choose.  Are we ready for this test?  Well...because the times are tight financially for many if not most businesses, it is likely time to take this exam, ready or not. 
So here it goes:
Directions:  Multiple choice Question.  Act accordingly on all other questions:
1. As a leader, when considering every decision, I will prioritize as follows (Select one answer) :
a. Love people, use money
b. Use people, love money
It is likely that this single choice may well determine how we navigate the economic challenges of our day. We will all consciously or unconsciously proceed in every other matter according to the selection we make.
We believe these are exciting times with wonderful opportunities.  If you would like friendly counsel from a member of our team, we would be delighted to partner with you.  Just give us a call.
By the way, everyone on our team has taken the test above.  Each of us picked answer "a."