To Listen is to Lead...

Tue, 2015-12-29 14:13 -- tomjonez


Over the past two weeks I have looked at the character qualities and some compelling attributes of successful leadership. Another quality worth consideration is the ability to learn from those around us and adjust our strategy to embrace what we learn.

One of my friends, Evelyn Dufford, who is the CEO of a growing service company, takes a proactive approach to gathering insight from those she leads.  As she is winding up this year, and prior to finalizing her goals for 2016, she will meet with each member of her team and ask them the following four questions:

  1. What do you see ahead for our team for the coming year (i.e. something that I may or may not see)?
  2. What hidden skill or talent do you have that I don’t see or about which I am unaware?
  3. Is there anything you think I should know?
  4. What should our Company do - or stop doing?

When I asked what she is learning I was impressed with the insight Evelyn had gained simply by asking these four question - and by listening to the answers.  What she gleaned was valuable; it was affirming and practical – and therefore a helpful contribution to her thinking and planning as she heads into the new year.

I trust that others who read this will benefit from this startegy, as much as I have.