Maximum Effectiveness: Help from a Coach

Wed, 2013-01-16 05:48 -- tomjonez


In the continuing pursuit of achieving a worthy objective in 2013, we have outlined several practical steps: select "one-thing" as the primary learning objective for the year, break it up into 4 segments consisting of 90-days each, and take each segment as an intermediate objective, and then ask a friend to hold us accountable for each objective along the way.

For many people, these simple practical steps will allow goals to be reached with great success. That said, sometimes it could be more effective to hire a professional executive coach.  I did this once during a significant business transition and it was exactly what I needed at the time.  And I not only reached my goal that year, I surpassed it with flying colors, thanks to the assistance of this capable professional.

So at this point I want to insert a disclaimer.  I rarely use this blog to promote our business services.  Rather, it is about spurring us all on to more effective leadership, both professionally and personally - wherever we are called to serve.  That said, as many of you already know, we do have professional coaches that are members of our services team.  You may inquire further if you so desire.

There is a time and place for seeking assistance from a business coach. That is certainly the case in my own experience. I found that utilizing an executive coach was very profitable at a point in time when my professional business development needed additional outside objectivity.  You may discover that there is a time when such an approach is exactly what you need as well.

It is not hard to find an executive coach.  Using an online search engine or asking others in your sphere of relationships are excellent starting points.  Good coaches are known by those they serve for their effectiveness and therefore word gets out without much effort on their part.

I personally believe that the steps outlined these past few weeks - select one focus/goal for the year, divide the goal into four quarterly objectives, and dial in some accountability with a friend - are very effective for most of us.  Even so, I would not rule out the value of retaining a professional executive coach for those seasons in life when extra assistance will spur us on to the next level of effectiveness in our leadership and career objectives.