Maximum Effectiveness: Help from a Friend

Tue, 2013-01-08 20:43 -- tomjonez


In the continuing pursuit of achieving a worthy and yet focused, objective in 2013, in other words, the "one-thing" we have selected as our primary learning objective for the year, we have agreed that it is most effective to break it up into 4 segments.  Then, taking each one as an intermediate objective, seek to accomplish each of them on a quarterly basis, resulting in a successful year of reaching the intended goal.

We could stop there and many people would be successful in achieving their goal for the year.

"But wait!," as they say at the conclusion of every not-sold-in-stores commercial,  "There's more! " this week, we highlight the value of adding an accountability layer into your goal-achievement plan:  add a friend.

Stated simply, share your goal with a friend and ask him or her to help you stay on track.  Pick someone who is a good enough friend to be an encourager - and yet who also cares enough to be willing to plant their foot where it will be most encouraging to spur you on if you fall off the wagon.

Find a friend who is successful in their own right, rather than someone who will simply let you off the hook in order to make you "feel better" (yuk, what's up with that?).

This technique is simple and effective.  In order to achieve goals we all need help.  So let's do it: Find a friend, share the goal, and let's begin.