Wed, 2011-11-09 12:57 -- tomjonez

Most business leaders, and certainly business consultants, recognize the need for a company to develop a clear mission statement – a real mission statement, as contrasted to a clever advertising slogan mounted on the wall behind the company’s reception desk.
And yet far too often the company marketing department proposes a “mission” statement as a slogan to bolster advertising pizazz, rather than as a fundamental means of identifying and articulating the core purpose for the business.
Developing a mission statement is better accomplished instead, under the direct leadership of the senior-most leadership in the company.
The differences between a marketing-only and a leadership-led approach to developing a statement of the company’s mission can be dramatic.
For instance, when originated by the marketing team, the mission statement would generally be designed as a branding tool.  On the other hand, when initiated by the Company’s senior leadership, the mission statement would reflect the company’s reason for existence - its core purpose for pursuing its business objectives.
When instigated by senior leadership, the very process for defining and articulating the company mission can serve to unite the entire team - from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart.  And as a result...
When people become truly united in the pursuit of an objective,
the multiplied effectiveness of their teamwork
can prevail against many odds.
In these challenging economic times, it may be worthwhile to establish – or to revisit – the statement of the company’s mission.  More than a mere mission statement, a clear articulation of essential objectives can serve to re-energize the entire company in the worthy pursuit of its core objectives.