No Passivity

Thu, 2012-02-09 17:45 -- tomjonez

The times we are in require leaders who are not passive.
In fact, history repeatedly demonstrates that some of the greatest injustices have occured simply because leaders were passive at a time when taking a stand could have prevented a downward spiral into disaster.
We live in such a time.*
We need to become leaders who are not passive; leaders who in fact disdain the very thought of passivity.
So exactly what is passivity?
It is the failure to take action when action is required; a desire to "not rock the boat;" inaction, nonparticipation, indifference, apathy.
Leaders must lead in order to be leaders.  This requires boldness, decisiveness, courage.
So let's get personal...
Where have I been passive in my sphere of influence? Each one of us has influence on others: we are each and every one of us a leader.
Where do I need to take action? Today.
And...I am reminded that taking action does not require creating an offense.
But at the end of the day, in many if not most cases, I'd rather take action and create an unintended offense - than play it safe and remain passive.
What are your thoughts?  Let us know…