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Parenting for the Launch - Excellent Resource for Parents of Teens

Sat, 2013-11-09 09:26 -- tomjonez

Plumbline Media Group was priveleged to produce this "Video Book Trailer" for authors Dennis Trittin and Arlyn Laurence.  Their inspiring book provides excellent and timely insights for parents who want to prepare their teens for a succesful transition to life in the adult world.

Praises for Parenting for the Launch

Troy Alstead, Group President & Chief Financial Officer, Starbucks Coffee Company - This book is a must read for parents of teens. In a comfortable and engaging style, Trittin and Lawrence offer valuable guidance to parents confronting the transition of their kids to adulthood. The book is inspirational and practical, insightful and encouraging. As parents, it is both our obligation and our great privilege to help our teens prepare for the years ahead, and all parents hope and pray for the knowledge and skills and courage to set their teens on the path to success. This book is a wonderful tool to help equip parents for that responsibility.

John Carpenter - Vice President, Weyerhaeuser Corporation - When hiring new employees, it can be challenging to find young men and women that have benefitted from proactive parents who prepared them to succeed in today’s dynamic business worldAs a father of teenagers, I am keenly aware of the challenges my wife and I face with preparing our kids emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually for their journey ahead.  Dennis and Arlyn have hit on the essential principles to guide moms and dads to successfully develop and ”graduate” their children to college and the workforce.

Joseph Helms - Managing Director, Ronald Blue & Co. - Dennis and Arlyn have hit the mark for parents raising teens. This book is filled with compelling ideas for building a leadership foundation and relating to my own teenager. Adjusting my communications to his behavioral style will help cultivate mutual trust and understanding during these critical years. Thank you!

Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, M. Ed, Author & Speaker - Dennis and Arlyn have once again delivered a book full of invaluable insights and practical strategies for parents who want to help their children succeed.  You’ll find dozens of great ideas for preparing your son or daughter to hit the ground running when its time to enter the world of work and tackle an adult life full of challenge and change.  Its never too early to start building a strong relationship with your child—in this book you’ll find many ways to weave in a sense of purpose and direction to create the best future possible for this amazing kid who’s about to change the world!

Jeff Kemp - Former NFL Quarterback and Vice President, Family Life - The greatest investment we can make in our teens is to prepare them well and release them with confidence to their own future. Dennis and Arlyn have given us the essential principles and a practical game plan for doing exactly that in this must-have parenting guide. This is the book that parents of teens have been waiting for!

Noel Meador – Executive Director, Stronger Families - Today’s busier, faster society is waging an undeclared war on our teenagers. In their new book, Dennis and Arlyn have provided an anchor for parents on how to prepare, plan, and launch their child into the real world. This is a must-read for any parent raising a teenager!