Passion and Leadership

Wed, 2012-05-30 11:04 -- tomjonez

One of the characteristics of great leaders is passion.  Not the kind that is directed to fulfillment of delf-centered pleasure.  Rather, the kind of passion, often selfless, that enthusiastically pursues a worthy objective.  The Merriam-Webster online dictionary includes the following definition:
…a strong liking or desire for, or devotion to, some activity, object, or concept
That says it pretty well.
Throughout history, people who have had an impact – who are therefore leaders – have been men and women who were passionate about their mission.  They were committed, devoted, and determined to pursue the object of their desired objective. Christian Nestell Bovee put it this way, “Genuine passion is like a mountain stream; it admits of no impediment; it cannot go backward; it must go forward.”
The question on the table today is simple and yet crucial: about what am I passionate?  In particulate, does my passion for my current career and mission remain strong?
If yes, press on.
If not, well, it’s time to do some personal reflection. And maybe career evaluation.
Passion: …a strong liking…desire…devotion…
Leaders are passionate...Am I?