Pricing - The Pressure is (not) on !

Wed, 2011-06-29 12:34 -- tomjonez

Have you noticed lately that potential new customers are often seeking a “lowest price” option?  We have heard this a lot recently from business managers. So what do we do?     If we drop prices too low we will hurt ourselves and our competitors.  No one wins.   OK, What about this: Instead of a focus on pricing, what about establishing a clear value statement that directs the customer to consider our value instead of our price?   Great service at a fair price will work every time.   But only if we direct the focus of consideration away from pricing alone and refocus the deliberation on the value of our service. It’s really not rocket science. Customers who want – or even demand – lowest prices, are usually the ones who will generally be demanding about, well, everything.   On the other hand, customers who look at and find the value of our services will operate on par with those values, resulting in a valuable customer relationship. The bottom line - isn’t the bottom line.   The bottom line is a strong value proposition – propose a service of high value – and then deliver it. No compromise.  It’s a win-win.