Quality v Price

Wed, 2011-09-28 08:42 -- tomjonez

Is it true: We get what pay for?

Most people agree that they would always prefer to receive the best service possible.  Yet in the present economy there has been a great deal of pressure to shop based on price instead of quality.

Certainly as those seeking services we are wise to maximize the use of our available resources and look for great prices.  Yet at the same time, quality can suffer as service providers cut corners to drop their price. As the saying goes, “No price is a good price, if quality suffers…”

So how can we evaluate our options? Here are five ways to assess quality when choosing a service provider:

Years of experienceCheck out the history and longevity of the service provider.  Staying in business over the long-term takes savvy, know-how, wisdom.

Previous customer recommendations Are current and prior customers or clients satisfied?  Would these customers be repeat customers?

Industry recognition and awardsWhat do their peers say?  Are they recognized as “the best?”

Educational backgroundHas the provider invested in their own preparation?  What degrees, licenses, and certifications have they earned?

Total costLast, and in some ways least, what is the investment you will make to hire the service provider?  Can you afford it?

There is a line that we cross when we make price the final factor in choosing a service provider: it is the line where quality goes out the window and we truly get what we pay for.

What are your thoughts?  Do you have other strategies that work for you?