Social Media - Do You Have a Plan?

Tue, 2016-05-03 10:34 -- tomjonez


This week I received a call from a friend asking about the social media services we provide for select clientele through our media services team.

Evidently their company had received a negative review on the Yelp website - and they were therefore seeking advice regarding how to respond. During our discussion I learned that their company did not have a clear strategy for social media engagement.

In recent months, I am finding more and more leaders of businesses and organizations who find themselves in similar circumstances.

The upshot?  I explained to my friend that the key is to take a proactive approach: to devise, plan, and implement an overall strategy for social media.

The question that lingers for all of us as leaders is this:  Social media is now a key for business leaders… do we have a plan?

Let me know your thoughts and ideas…


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