Social Media: Do You Have a Plan? – Part IV

Wed, 2016-06-01 08:59 -- tomjonez


At the outset of discussing social media I summarized my interaction with a friend regarding a negative review on the Yelp website; my friend was seeking counsel regarding how to counter the impact of the critical Yelp-post on their business. In a subsequent blog, I explained that the key is to devise, plan, and implement an overall strategy for social media.

Last week I pointed out the necessity of any effective social media strategy – it must include regular content that is potentially both relevant and useful to your readers.  The axiom for social media is: “Content is King.”

What are the tactics that leaders can utilize to provide content that meets the criteria articulated above?  Here are a few quick ideas:

Develop a Calendar – Each industry has seasons of the year that include specific emphasis: for real estate a topic in March might be “spring clean-up;” for education, a focus on “back to school preparation” in August. By assessing seasonal patterns, create a topic calendar that is seasonally relevant to your readers.

Conduct a Survey – Use an online tool to poll your readers (e.g. Survey Monkey).  By analyzing results, you may be able to ascertain the topics that are of interest to your readers.

Research Industry Trends -  Search online for trending topics by industry, time of year, and/or recent posts on social media. The results can create a basis for content selection relevant to you and those who follow your blog.

Outsource the Content Development – Seek the service of a social media service provider.  It may be smart to avoid the potential of social media becoming a distraction and instead contract it out to an outside agency or stand-alone expert.

There are numerous additional approaches to developing a content strategy.  As I pointed out last week, merely seeking to utilize social channels for “advertising” a business will not attract - let alone sustain - a committed audience. The fundamental need is to provide content that is both relevant and useful to your readers.