Teamwork First !

Tue, 2012-04-03 13:09 -- tomjonez

Teamwork - A Summary
For several weeks we have discussed the value of a team, focused on the central idea that, “The best person for the job is a team.”  This week we are providing a summary of our recent articles to serve as a handy point of reference.  The following are the essential team ingredients we have considered together:
Part 1 - "The Best Person for the Job is a Team."  In this discussion we referenced the insights of a friend who built a very successful national business on the basis of teamwork. Click here for more.
Part 2 - "Stay Mission Focused."   Rather than having the focus of the team shaped by any given single person, the team should remain focused on the mission of the organization they are chartered to serve. Click here for more.
Part 3 - "How to Pick the Team."  Selection of team members is a crucial decision and can make or break the effectiveness of the team. Click here for more.
Part 4 - "Unified Mission and a Variety of Skills." Even though every team needs a good mix of various skill-sets among its members, every member, regardless of their gifting, must remained committed to the central mission of the organization. Click here for more.
Part 5 - "A Virtual Team." Often it is not feasible to direct hire every person or skill the organization needs.  Yet by assembling a circle of companies who can collectively achieve a goal by working together, a "virtual team" can be created to meet the goals of an organization. Click here for more.
Part 6 - "Know When to Fold 'em." Unfortunately, every team leader must face the reality of replacing and/or dismissing team members who are no longer contributing constructively to the mission.  Knowing when and how to make and implement such decisions is an essential leadership responsibility. Click here for more.
Obviously there is much more that we could discuss on the topic of teamwork.  Space and the intentional limits placed on this email series can only provide an overly-simplified distillation of the topic.
In reality, we will each spend the rest of our lives continuing to learn more about team leadership... so please let us know what you learning in the days ahead.  We continue to appreciate your insights and feedback.