Unplugged – and Better for It

Tue, 2015-02-10 16:12 -- tomjonez


Recently I spent a couple days away with family in a location where we had limited cell phone and internet connections.  In fact, much of the time there was no wireless connectivity at all.

And that was an experience that reminded me just how “addicted” I have become to continuously checking my phone and internet communication tools.  At first I was checking my smart phone every few minutes; after a while the frequency shifted to every few hours, and eventually, I sort of just gave up glancing at my phone at all.  It was instructive.

The time away turned into a true break – a break from everything except my family and a few friends with whom we were travelling.  It was refreshing… and the shift away from frenetic, continuous electronic connectivity was very – very - restful.

In short, I am sharing this personal experience as a means of encouraging readers to consider an experiment:  Try taking a break from continuous connectivity. You may find, as I have done, that the break is refreshing and that you feel, as I did, all the better for having done so…