A Virtual Team

Tue, 2012-03-20 19:49 -- tomjonez

Teamwork - Part V
For the past few weeks we have been discussing the value of a team, with the core idea being that, “The best person for the job is a team.”
This week I was talking with a friend who is engaged in the conversation we are having through these emails and various follow-up discussions.   This friend made the comment, “Even though I am a small-business owner with only one other staff person, I still have a larger team.”
She then went on to describe how she had carefully selected service providers in various support roles.  Each of these vendors, or rather team-members, is skilled in a discipline she needs around her in order to support her operation and her customers
In short, rather than hire the whole team as employees, she has instead selected outside independent vendors that, together with her, comprise a “virtual” team.
I was fascinated by her description because it is precisely what we have been doing with our own consultancy.  We have carefully selected vendors that complement the skill-set resident in our operation and have formed what has become a virtual service team – and I supposed that we should not be at all surprised by the amazing positive outcomes (to our delight and surprise, this past week our team has won another national award).
Go figure.  You would think I would get it by now.
The best person for the job really is a team.
We are once again humbled and pleased to experience the truth of this simple principle.
And it is such a blast to participate in a conversation with so many of you as we learn and grow together.  Thank you for your continuing feedback, insights, and teamwork as we together reaffirm the best practices and basic tenants of leadership.