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Decision-Making: Ignore This Rule at Your Peril

Wed, 2012-01-11 08:28 -- tomjonez


Decision-making is one of the topics that is well researched and regularly

studied in graduate business schools throughout the world.  Every leader wants

to know how to make good decisions.  And how to avoid bad ones.  Especially in

the context of leadership in business.


So where does “gut instinct” or a “sixth sense” play into the role of



Here’s a quick formula learned a number of years ago from a seasoned and

retired friend who was a captain of the industry in which he was a senior

Divide by 4

Wed, 2012-01-04 11:17 -- tomjonez

Last week I proposed that we each set one goal for 2012.

Something new, something enticing, something audacious.

Setting multiple goals is way too lofty; it’s hard to track multiple bogeys -

and usually the goal-setting-game is lost due to lack of focus on one core

objective.  So we set out to identify one goal for 2012.

Now it’s time to divide by four.

Just One More Thing

Wed, 2011-12-28 09:54 -- tomjonez

Two weeks ago under the heading, [first] Back [then] To The Future, we stressed the importance of looking over the past year to glean a sense of what worked well – and what didn’t.  Using that data, we committed to look ahead to 2012 this week.  And so there is just one more thing to do this year: set our goals for 2012.

Every Life has Value

Tue, 2011-12-20 12:14 -- tomjonez

When I first saw this picture, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  It speaks to me.  And the message is simple.  So I saved it for this week.  Here’s why…
 Every life has value.  Your Life.  My life.  The lives of those we know.  And those we don’t know.

A Leadership Exam ?

Thu, 2011-12-01 21:01 -- tomjonez

Difficult economic times provide unique opportunities.  In such times, everything we have learned and everything we value is called upon to navigate the challenges we face. Our experiences, victories, mistakes - and most of all - our values, are all called upon.  And in a sense, put to the test.
It's sort of like taking a final exam in leadership graduate school.  It is therefore a wonderful opportunity to set the course for the future of our leadership style and effectiveness.

Not a Math Problem

Thu, 2011-11-17 08:39 -- tomjonez

I don’t remember much from my 10th grade geometry class.  But I do remember a word we learned and its meaning (because it’s simple).

The word is “congruent.”

In geometry two figures are congruent if they have exactly the same shape and the same size.  For example, two triangles are congruent if their corresponding sides are equal in length and their corresponding angles are equal in size.

Then and only then are they congruent; they are the same.

What in the fat does this have to do with leadership?

Good question.


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