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The Power of Plumbline Alignment - The 5 M's of Effective Marketing

Wed, 2011-07-27 12:05 -- tomjonez

When the Company Mission is clear, the message is consistent, the method is appropriate, the messengers (staff) are aligned and can communicate the message, THEN the customers will begin to join with your team and become missionaries for you product or service.

That is why alignment is crucial and why everything must be plumb (in line).

Because You Asked...

Wed, 2011-07-20 12:36 -- tomjonez

Someone finally asked.

After months of sending this weekly email, someone asked the question:

“What is a Plumbline, and why that name?”

Great question.  Here’s the short version.

Technical definitions sound like this: "a plumb line is cord that is suspends a metal weight with a pointed tip on the bottom, and which points directly to the earth's center of gravity; it is used as a vertical reference line, perpendicular to the earth (it determines whether or not something is straight up and down)."


Mon, 2011-07-11 16:34 -- tomjonez


Confront               To face or to lead

Affront                  To offend

True Caring          To do what is in the best interest of another over our own self interest ("carefronting")

Manipulation        To make the choice to place self-interest over the interest of others

It's Time to Confront the Issue

Wed, 2011-07-06 17:10 -- tomjonez

Often...the biggest challenges  - are the challenges that we face.

Whether is a financial matter, a difficult relationship, an unruly board member or, if we supervise people, a difficult employee.

The challenge is the same:  the issue or the person must be confronted.

While studying for a graduate entrance exam I was reviewing word definitions.  The preparation material compared words that sounded similar but had different meanings.  I will never forget one of those comparisons that read as follows:

To Confront: to face

To Affront: to offend

Congratulations to Dennis Trittin for a great Launch of Student Guide

Mon, 2011-06-27 22:14 -- tomjonez

Dennis Trittin launched his newest resource for educators this weekend in Seattle at a national convention for High School Guidance Counselors.  Plumbline Management was privileged to assist with the marketing campaign and production of the brochures for Trittin's "LifeSmart Publishing" course manual for high school educators. The Cover is pictured here.

For more information please contact us at Plumbline and we will connect you to Trittin and LifeSmart Publishing.

Negotiating Free Advice from Attorneys

Mon, 2011-06-27 10:39 -- tomjonez

Free advice from attorneys can actually be negotiated as part of an annual retainer agreement.  How? It's simple: Make an agreement with your general counsel attorney that you will use their services for a specific number of hours during a one-year period. Ask for a discount on the law firm's standard rates in exchange for this agreement. Then simply communicate that you will also be looking for, as an example, one hour free of charge for every 10 billable hours. Once agreed, you have both a discount on the standard rate and a number of free hours as well.


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